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Re: A Game of Thrones

Originally Posted by flimseycauldron View Post
The links to the pics aren't working right I don't think. Although at the beginning of the Raven trailer it looked like John Snow had a mustache? In my mind Jon Snow was clean shaven. I'm going to have to go and google somemore pics of the actors. I'm pretty excited. Thanks for posting the trailer.

Here is a link with all the cast in one place. I don't know if these are accurate and take into account recasts. Our own Natalia Teena has a small role (as Osha). I'm also loving the pics for Sam Tarley ( ) Khal Drago ( ) Robert Arryn (changed to Robin Arryn. Looks perfect and is quite accomplished for such a little one.)

And here are some set photos of Winterfell.
Clicking on said link initiated a really weird security check from a site I do not know and which has nothing to do with the cast. Maybe you can check whether it works or remove it.

A moustache? Really? Oh dear, I would have thought he was too young for this.

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