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Re: A Game of Thrones

Originally Posted by flimseycauldron View Post
Ithought they had tapped someone else for Catelyn?
I thought so too.

Originally Posted by Lord Godric View Post
The roles of Catelyn and Dany have been recast since they shot the Pilot, meaning all the scenes with the two of them have to be reshot. Originally Jennifer Ehle played Catelyn and Tamzin Merchant played Dany.
I wonder why they recast Catelyn? Jennifer Ehle looked very good in that role. I posted a picture of her as Catelyn in the Song of Ice and Fire thread.

ETA: Actually, let me repost it here. I think she looks really good.

Jennifer Ehle as Catelyn Stark:    


With all due respect, I don't think Michelle Fairley looks as good, though she'll make a very good Mrs. Granger.

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