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Re: Was Sirius Black inspired by Edmond Dantes?

Originally Posted by ignisia View Post
But I agree with the rest. Sirius' case appeared pretty simple on surface, and Crouch likely didn't even spare Sirius a second thought. Barty Jr. would have been a different story no matter what Crouch thought about his son's guilt-- sending a son to prison is always a big deal.
Exactly. Although, sad to say, I don't think that Crouch would have gone through as much pain over the condemnation of his son as Villefort did over Edmond. If you remember, Villefort was crying in his room after his meeting Mercedes finally caused him to realize the enormity of what he'd done; and it says later that he would have rather stood in front of a gun at point-blank range than hear Edmond's name spoken. I doubt Crouch would ever have admitted this amount of emotion into his brain in the first place. Although, as I pointed out above, it almost makes Villefort look worse to consider that he knew perfectly well that what he did to Edmond was wrong, and he still never took any steps to remedy it. We never find out in what light Crouch considered his son's incarceration after the trial.

And yes, I'm certain Dumbledore did say that, although I don't have the books handy either... however, we know that Crouch Jr. did enough despicable things in his lifetime to render his involvement in the Longbottom affair extremely likely.

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