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Re: Way Ahead for Deathly Hallows Movie(s)

Continuing from the other DH thread since Muggle Studies is temporarily closed -

Originally Posted by katana View Post
Thanks for that link!
I was just thinking about that today. Dan saying how happy he is to not have to do broomstick scenes anymore because it's so uncomfortable, and I was thinking 'too bad they can't have a cool ride like Mad-Eye's. It's got a seat and everything'.
Very true - Moody did have a cool broom.

That doesn't make me happy. I like the 'Oy, we're in the middle of a war here' line!
I have mixed feelings about that. I loved the moment in the book and Harry's reaction was priceless, but I also really preferred the idea of Ron and Hermione's kiss being a private moment where Harry was not present. I accepted that it would not be possible for that to happen in the book because everything is from Harry's point of view, but the movie doesn't have that limitation - they leave Harry's perspective and show things that are going on when he's not around. So I think that could work very well.

And Heyman did say that the kiss was during the battle so I'm wondering if they might have moved the kiss so that it happens when Ron and Hermione go into the Chamber of Secrets to destroy the cup - meaning we would get to see that moment on screen instead of them telling Harry about it after the fact. I rather like that idea.

I loved her as Umbridge too! I'm very happy to hear she'll be back!

I chose "other" for the poll because I really can't narrow it down to just one scene - there are so many scenes I can't wait to see in DH. Ron returning to save Harry's life, Ron and Hermione's kiss, the final battle, the break in at the Ministry, Gringotts, etc... I really can't narrow it down to just one!


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