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Re: Snape and Lily: Joint Character Analysis v.3

Originally Posted by ComicBookWorm View Post
I don't see the House separation as the reason their friendship failed. It may have made things worse between them, but they never seemed to mesh. That was obvious in every scene they had together, even before Hogwarts. There was always an element of contention or strain.
It seemed to me that a large part of the strain was the fact that after they became enrolled at Hogwarts - whether being at the school made a difference or not - they began to take separate paths. Snape, a lonely, unpopular, awkward boy found friendship among those who made him feel strong, powerful, and appreciated - Death Eaters to be - and molded himself so that he would fit in completely. This decision, IMO, may have been, in part, due to the house he was in and might not have happened if he was in another house where the students who surrounded him had different ideals. Lily, however, felt no need to conform herself to standards, least of all Death Eater standards. She was comfortable with who she was, she had friends who liked and accepted her for who she was, etc.


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