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Re: Snape and Lily: Joint Character Analysis v.3

Originally Posted by The_Green_Woods View Post
The friendship did not break in year 1, 2, 3 and 4. So I assumed that Lily was okay with Snape's fascination for the dark arts, just like some people like to read a lot of gory stuff or watch horrible things on TV or on video, but by itself that does not make them bad or evil IMO.
Or perhaps she didn't like it at all, but was trying to influence him to stop. JKR did tell us that it was his attraction to the Dark Arts that Lily didn't like. And had he not been so inclined, Lily might (and this is a conditional what if) have been attracted to him romantically.

We do know he created a dark curse, Sectumsempra, so he was actively dabbling. Snape, himself, called it Dark Magic. And we were told in DH that George's ear wouldn't heal because it was a Dark Curse.


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