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Re: Snape and Lily: Joint Character Analysis v.3

Originally Posted by vigneshnimbus View Post
My impression from the books and fanfictions (Which can be sometimes accurate in their presumptions) is that Lily didn't like James till she was in the sixth year (My guess is she started liking him after James saves Severus)..I agree with you when you say that Lily broke connection with Severus because he became a Death-Eater (Or hung out with guys/girls practising dark magic) and her friend Mary suffered because of it (That was the final straw, I think)
Obviously we all have our own way of interpreting the scene, but I believe Lily had already begun to like James during Snape's Worst Memory. In my opinion, she was trying not to like him, because he was still an 'arrogant, bullying toerag,' but she couldn't help having feelings for him. You can tell that Lily had been watching James, the way she talks about him messing up his air and showing off with the snitch. Also, she only reprimands James, when Sirius had been bullying Snape as well. I think once James changed during sixth year, she then stopped trying to repress her feelings for him.

I agree with what you said were the reasons for ending the friendship. I think she friendship had been deteriorating for a long time, and SWM was the final straw; Lily could not make excuses for Severus any longer.

I voted for "No, his (re)actions show that he did not listen to her. He was too busy being jealous of James." In my opinion, it is evident in that scene in TPT that Severus' jealousy of James was more important to him than the feelings of someone who was supposed to be his best friend.


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