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Re: Snape and Lily: Joint Character Analysis v.3

1. Why do you think Snape was so reluctant to approach Lily? Would he have been interested in her if she had not been magical?

I think he was reluctant to approach Lily because though they lived in the same area, were brought up differently. Lily came from a loving family with a sister and two parents that cared for her. Snape came from a family where his parents constantly fought.

As for him being interested in her - I think her being magical had a lot to do with it. IMO, she was a pretty girl who showed magical abilities, and it wasn't until after Snape knew she had them was it shown that he liked her.

2. Why did Lily accept Snape's friendship? Would she have been as friendly to him if he had not told her about the magical world?

Lily, IMO, would have been friends with Snape even if she hadn't told her about the magical world. I was always under the impression that she didn't know until she had gotten her letter, but The Prince's Tale said otherwise. She just knew a little sooner in TPT.

Lily, IMO, seems like a caring, friendly person. Unlike her sister, Lily wasn't turned off by how Snape first looked. She got to know him before she judged him. She was his friend, IMO, because she saw a nice guy, pre Hogwarts of course.

4. How did Hogwarts effect the friendship? We see that up until fifth year they consider themselves to be "best friends", despite the house system. Do you think they both worked to maintain the friendship?

Hogwarts did take its toll on their friendship, IMO. Both were in houses that had a long standing rivarly. Up to a point I think both worked on the friendship until Snape was really getting into the Dark Arts, and was really friendly with Avery and co. and Lily was friendly with James and co. Both started drifting apart.

5. How did Gryffindor change Lily? How did Slytherin change Snape? Would each have changed in the same way if they had been sorted into another house? Would the friendship have changed as drastically if they were in the same house?

I don't think Gryffidor changed Lily. She lived with people who thought along the same lines as she did, for the most part. She thought that going around calling people rude names and hexing people was wrong. Snape was greatly influenced by those he lived with. Snape was friends with future DE's, and didn't deny he wanted to be one. Both were on different sides when it came to LV. Had Snape been placed in a different house, their friendship might have lasted. Snape wouldn't have been hanging around people like Avery and Mulciber, he would have been around people that thought differently. IMO, had both been sorted into the same house, they would have stayed friends.

6. What was the death knoll for the friendship? Was it Snape's budding interest in the Dark Arts, the mudblood insult or something else?

IMO, it was the mudblood insult, him wanting to be a DE, his interest in the Dark Arts, and the people he was hanging out with.

8. How would their lives have been different if they had managed to save their friendship? Do you think they might have had a romantic future? A lifelong friendship?

If their friendship had been saved, LV would not have gotten wind of the prophecy
from Snape that lead the way to Lily's death. Snape wouldn't have felt guilty for her death, and had she lived, wouldn't have been so cruel to Harry.

Them having a romantic future is not something I see/saw possible. They were too very different people.

As for a lifelong friendship, it might have happened if James and Snape didn't hate each other with a passion.


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