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Re: Snape and Lily: Joint Character Analysis v.3


2. Why did Lily accept Snape's friendship? Would she have been as friendly to him if he had not told her about the magical world?Lily was open to new people and was acceptive of everyone. It's how she was raised and it's how she intended to raise Harry IMO. She saw Snape as a potential friend, and as most kids would do she tried to get to know him and have a good relationship with him IMO. The fact that Snape told her about the magical world was an added bonus to her. For him it was a way of ensuring a friendship (IMO) but I think she would've tried to be friends with him even if he had neglected to tell her about the wizarding world.

4. How did Hogwarts effect the friendship? We see that up until fifth year they consider themselves to be "best friends", despite the house system. Do you think they both worked to maintain the friendship?
IMO, Hogwarts drove them apart. Lily embraced who she was and expressed her opinions freely. Snape tried to make friends with his Slytherin house, and in doing so became superficial. This difference made it hard to remain friends. Lily in essence provided an ultimatum. Either Snape change his ways or there was no friendship. Snape was the one trying to hold the relationship together. But because of his failure to abandon his cruel, prejudice ways (and his friends influencing him to do so), the relationship was, in the end, a failure.

5. How did Gryffindor change Lily? How did Slytherin change Snape? Would each have changed in the same way if they had been sorted into another house? Would the friendship have changed as drastically if they were in the same house?
Gryffindor influenced Lily to become a person of character. Snape wanted friends. In Slytherin, the population was prejudiced and cruel, so he was too in order to fit in. I think Lily would've been close to the person she was in Gryffindor if she was in Hufflepuff or Ravenclaw, but not Slytherin. Snape would've conformed no matter what house he was in, but, depending on what the people in that house were like, he would've been a better/worse person than he was in Slytherin. Being in the same house wouldn't have made a difference.

6. What was the death knoll for the friendship? Was it Snape's budding interest in the Dark Arts, the mudblood insult or something else?
The "death knoll" was really a long chain of events. As their personalities changed, they grew farther apart. Lily realized that Snape was turning into a bad person. She tried to change him, but after the mudblood comment she knew it was too late.

7. Was there a different choice Snape could have made to save the friendship? Was there a different choice Lily could have made?
I think in the end things happened the way the needed to happen. After the split in the relationship Snape tried to win Lily back, and that continued on with Harry and Snape's loyalties with Dumbledore. All in all things played out so that the story could continue on and thats what mattered in the end.

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