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Re: Snape and Lily: Joint Character Analysis v.3

Originally Posted by Beatifically View Post
I couldn't really decide which to pick. I think that "No, his (re)actions show that he did not listen to her. He was too busy being jealous of James" and "He became a Death Eater to impress Lily, which shows that he misjudged her character severely" are both accurate. I ended up choosing the latter, though. Often boys tend to try to impress someone they have romantic feelings for (from what I've observed, anyway). It is normal in that sense, but it is strange that someone would think that way if this person was his "best friend." How well could he have understood her if he thought that being a Death Eater would impress her?
I'm rather cautious with this, because the books say nothing about his motivation for becoming a Death Eater. Gaining standing and respect; and a society where he can feel important and needed does sound like a believable motive to me, given the description of his childhood and home, and the scene where he gets bullied in OotP. So if he really thought that Lily would be impressed, perhaps this was what he thought would impress her - or advance his chances - him finally being somebody. I think he needed that primarily for himself, so he could feel worthy of her and of her attention. Someone prominent and impressive, not the greasy oddball who gets humiliated in front of the whole school by the popular kids.

From this point of view, which I personally find believable, realistic, and consistent with young Snape as he is described in DH and OotP, it makes sense that he would have hoped joining the group of the day would make improve his chances with Lily.

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