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Re: Snape and Lily: Joint Character Analysis v.3

Grr, stupid radio buttons! I agree with parts of a few of the options.

Yes, he just covered it up because he had no choice. I blame the sorting.

Perhaps "No choice" is a bit of an extreme way of putting it, since another choice did exist, but Severus would have been exercising far more trust in others than his upbringing and experiences would have realistically allowed.

Partly. He seemed to have been convinced that he was right and Lily wasn't.

I think he considered Lily's arguments unreasonable at times, and that allowed him his attempts to defend his own opinions. IMO, it would make him feel better to defend the views he was slowly adopting.

No, his (re)actions show that he did not listen to her. He was too busy being jealous of James.

James was definitely a factor. After Lily calls James "arrogant", Severus is a bit too happy to want to listen to the rest of what she had to say. I think that throughout that particular conversation, Lily's attraction to James was a major worry for Severus...perhaps far more than her dislike of Mulciber/Avery.

I think he did value her opinion, but their arguments about his Slytherin friends were not as big a deal to him as they were to Lily.
Lily was far more heated and on the offensive there, whereas Severus was more defensive. Even his accusations about the Marauders smacks of someone trying to defend his opinion. IMO, Lily was the one to approach him about Mulciber/Avery first in that scene.

I am incapable of hating someone who, instead of using a spell to guard the Sorcerer's Stone, uses a logic puzzle.
I'm sorry.

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