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Re: Pottermore v.11

You guys I just randomly looked at the profile of someone I just had a duel with and it shows their join date as being in March 2012. o_O

I'm not kidding.

[staff edit]

That person's join date is listed as March 28, 2012. I'm only telling you guys what account it is so you guys can see for yourself that I'm not joking.....and because Pottermore is so private that it's not like you can find out private info by looking at the person's account anyway.

I mostly decided to view the person's profile because that was the first time I've ever seen someone with such a big number at the end of their user name. I think it's the first account I have seen that has more than three numbers at the end of it.

Do you guys think it's probably a staff account and they are testing something? I mean as far as we know they have not let in new members of the public have they?

I'm in
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