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Re: Ender's Game and related series

I've just finished re-reading Ender's Game and have started reading Speaker for the Dead. Before starting the actual book, I read the introduction by the author, which was very interesting because it provided insights on Card's writing process. So far, I'm liking the book (though perhaps not quite as much as Ender's Game).

Spoiler: show
It was interesting how Ender (and Valentine) was still alive after 3000 years by traveling though space for so long. But it's almost like he isn't allowed to die until he performs his task of finding a home for the queen of the buggers, which is looking like it might be Lusitania at this point. I like how she can communicate with him - I guess once she was able to access his mind through the ansible that first time, she was forever able to communicate with him. I was thinking a similar thing might happen in the future - that the buggers when they awaken may be able to broadcast their hopes for peace using the ansibles. But since there's another few books left in the series, I figure the buggers may not be very prominent in this story.

Jane is very interesting - I understand her to be a sentience within the computer/ansible system that was accidentally born. I'm thinking this story may not have her being discovered by the rest of mankind, but a future one may.

Lastly, the pequeninos are quite interesting. I am dying to know what it was that Pipo discovered just before he was killed. For some reason, I am beginning to think that the killings are related to their reproduction cycle - like they are removing an internal reproductive organ or something.

After I finish Speaker, I am very likely to pick up the next book in this series (which is Xenocide, I believe).


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