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Re: Ender's Game and related series

Originally Posted by Caliope View Post
hahaha - honestly, as Ender grew up, I became less and less interested in him as a character. I know that sounds disloyal, because I still cared about what was going to happen to him later. But it was like, once he wrote The Hive Queen and The Hegemon, there was this whole other universe to explore, with Ender's personal story being a much smaller focal point to go back to.
Ender did become less interesting in subsequent books. I'm not sure why that is. If it's because Card chose to focus less on his personal journey, or his personal journey was just less interesting than all the other storylines going on. I don't know . . . it's been a while since I read these books.

But I did see an article today about Ender's Game in Entertainment Weekly. Apparently Ender's Game is going to be released as a comic-book adaptation in October of this year. Card will be signing autographs at Comic-Con.

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