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Re: Snape and Dumbledore: Joint Character Analysis

I find myself agreeing with the argument that Dumbledore did not tell, nor did he intend to tell, Snape about the Elder Wand. I felt that Snape was completely surprised by Voldemort's comment about the Elder Wand moments before he was killed.

I also wonder why some readers are expecting Dumbledore to treat Snape better than he treated the other Order members. Is it because we have grown attached to Snape that we may think he should have been treated differently than MadEye Moody or even Harry was. Dumbledore also set them up, too. He asked them to do things without telling them all the facts. Aberforth told Harry how his brother kept secrets just like Kendra did. Why should we expect anything different from Albus just because it is Snape we are talking about? That is just my opinion.

Snape was extremely loyal to Dumbledore, but so was Harry, Minerva, Flitwick, Arthur Weasley, etc. Somehow Dumbledore managed to have very loyal followers in spite of his rather devious methods. Snape was just one of the bunch. His position was key and extremely important, of course, but he was just part of the plan, not the whole plan, in my opinion.


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