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Re: Snape and Dumbledore: Joint Character Analysis

Originally Posted by The_Green_Woods View Post
It was because it was left out and there is ambiguity regarding what could have happened, that I think there are so many problems.
I respect your view, but I don't think it was left out. I gave several reasons why and unless someone can suggest a reason for Snape's face that went from pale to "like a death mask, it was marble white and so still that when he spoke, it was a shock to see that anyone lived behind the blank eyes" when Voldemort told him that Dumbledore had been the Master of the Elder Wand, then I am all ears. And why if Snape knew about the elder wand, thus knew he could die at any time that Voldemort discovered it, why he didn't come up with a plan to ensure Harry got the important message he carried. And why he didn't go and get the wand from Dumbledore's grave and hide it.

Even more importantly, it makes Snape look less than intelligent because if he knew about the Elder Wand, one thing he would have done was to keep an eye out for Voldemort's obtaining a new wand that could be the Elder Wand. Voldemort had been using the Elder Wand for quite some time and knew it did not work, so Snape had adequate time to check out the situation and discover this for himself. If he didn't he would simply be behaving in a very unintelligent manner. He would have known his death was imminent and did nothing about ensuring Harry would get the message he carried.

Too many unanswered questions for there to be a mystery about this, imo. I see no ambiguity at all - but I am of course open to having them pointed out. However, if you see this as ambiguous and you feel there is a possibility that Snape knew about the wand - then why don't you just adopt that belief? For my part, I am certain he did not know and thus I believe Dumbledore betrayed Snape. For the greater good of course.

Dumbledore was very happy. No dispute about that. But did he give Snape a choice is what bugs me and we don’t have enough to tell us one way or the other. I wanted Dumbledore to feel about Snape like he did about Harry. Snape may have turned for just Lily, but once he did, he was Dumbledore’s most loyal soldier, who was willing to kill for the cause.
But Dumbledore didn't care about anyone like he cared about Harry. He flat out told Harry that in his opinion, everyone was expendible - he didn't care if they all died at one point, as long as Harry was safe. That would include Snape among those who could die.

Dumbledore loved Harry - but Harry was also his greatest asset against Voldemort. There was simply no one else in the entire wizard world who was as important to him. If Snape had been killed by Voldemort early on, Dumbledore would have had to commit suicide and figured out another way to get the message to Harry (likely through his portrait). It was the same with everyone else - whatever their role, they were expendible. Only Harry was important to bringing down Voldemort in the end.


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