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Re: Snape and Dumbledore: Joint Character Analysis

Originally Posted by wickedwickedboy View Post
It makes him look really bad to have done that. I don't think defaming his character for things he didn't do would be what JKR wanted because he already looked bad enough for what he'd done to Harry (not to mention Moody and others).
Apparently it was not Rowling's intention to defame the students of Slytherin House by suggesting none of them fought Voldemort. They looked bad enough already with Pansy speaking for them. But she neglected to make it explicit that there were Slytherin students among the crowd that came back with Slughorn, a point any number of readers felt was absolutely crucial.

I am therefore leery of assuming Dumbledore did not tell Snape. Yes, it makes Dumbledore look worse, but it is analogous to the omission above. I can see it being, for Rowling, in the 'of course' category she did not feel she needed to spell out. "Of course Sluggie brought of-age students back aliong with other reinforcements!". "Of course Snape asked about the tomb, and DD told him!". She would also have left that latter out for aesthetic reasons. Where she left off the memories in "The Prince's Tale" was beautiful - the business of Snape leaving to help Harry, and Harry coming to in a room he could just have left. Tacking on a later, because the tomb was violated around Easter, whereas the Sword was delivered on Dec. 26, memory of Snape and Dumbledore discussing the nuts and bolts of the Elder Wand might not have been as lovely.

Originally Posted by ComicBookWorm View Post
He stayed as close to Voldemort as possible, which was what Dumbledore wanted. However, he didn't have to be quite that cozy, if Dumbledore had set up an alternative plan.
I guess I don't see what the alternative plan would have been.

I see Dumbledore as having had a long-laid plan:

-He would find and destroy all the Horcruxes, as he was in the process of doing, pre-HBP.
-Snape would help keep tabs on Voldemort and the DEs as his spy, especially providing warning about possible plans to harm Harry.
-The Order would help minimize the damage in the meantime.
-When the last horcurx was toast, Dumbledore would tell Harry the final, awful (half) truth, and Harry would go to his death. Harry would hopefully survive, and then Voldemort could be killed. Possibly by Snape, I agree with you that this makes a deal of sense.

But then Dumbledore succumbed to the lure of the Resurrection Stone, and only Snape's quick action won him a few months of life. This meant Dumbledore could not destroy the Horcruxes himself, and so he chose Harry and his friends to finish that for him, and devoted his time to training Harry along with seeking Horcruxes. Someone else had to be delegated to tell Harry the truth - Dumbledore chose Snape, for reasons we have discussed. The new problem of the Elder Wand arose (it is my view that if Dumbledore had died of the curse, Voldemort would immediately have become Master of the Elder Wand - it was his wand that created the deadly curse in the first place). And also, the fall of Hogwarts became inevitable (I think Dumbledore figured that while he was alive, he might stave off a takeover). So the idea of Snape killing him arose as a solution to these last two problems. The Wand would be neutralized, and Snape could at least mitigate the Voldemort regime at the school from a strong position at Voldemort's right hand.

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