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Re: Project Runway - All Stars

Originally Posted by merry18 View Post
Well, I didn't like any of those designs. I thought it was ridiculous that they gave them 6 hours for a challenge, and the time constraint clearly hurt them.
I feel like Diane Von Furstenberg had 6 hours to give the show, and that's why they had the crazy deadline. And if that was the case, they should have just said make a pretty dress and you have 6 hours. The gelato part was sort of silly and since there was no gelato payoff it was clearly just there for product placement.

Originally Posted by Spacecadet View Post
Mondo was robbed. I dont know why they are so impressed with michael. He does interesting things but im not sure he deserved the win this week.
Originally Posted by leah49 View Post
My mom hated Michael C's dress. I thought it looked like a dressing gown.
Originally Posted by merry18 View Post
Michael - ...because I didn't particularly care for this either. Even with the low cut in the front it seemed kind of Golden Girls. Maybe Miranda Kerr can pull it off considering she can pull off just about everything, but I was a little surprised this was picked for the win when it wasn't Miranda's favorite.
Well we all know how I feel about Michael. I felt like his dress was very old fashioned. There wasn't an ounce of modernity in it. I could see my grandmother wear it with gold flats.

Golden Girls! You hit the nail on the head!

is totally awesome!
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