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Re: Project Runway - All Stars

Well, I didn't like any of those designs. I thought it was ridiculous that they gave them 6 hours for a challenge, and the time constraint clearly hurt them.

April - I thought Kara's was worse, but April probably would have gone next week anyway. The construction was pretty bad.

Kara - I agree with Jerrell's assessment that the dress made the model look like a pregnant cupcake. Kara will probably be gone soon. I like her for being a bit quirky but she really hasn't brought her A game.

Anthony - I didn't mind his that much.

Kenley - The print screamed 6 year old, and it wasn't exactly a ground-breaking design, but at least it was constructed well, fitted perfectly, and overall looked finished.

Rami - I thought he was lucky he wasn't in the bottom 3. It just seemed haphazard.

Jerrell - Not terrible, but it was like a low-rent version of the dress he made the first week.

Austin - Not terrible, but kind of boring and - pun intended - kind of vanilla.

Mila - Weird flavor of gelato, first of all. I didn't like her dress, but I was glad she was in the top because it's felt a little male-dominated so far.

Mondo - Well made and moved nicely, but it was a little too literal for me with the skin-colored fabric on the trim. I would have been fine with Mondo or Michael winning...

Michael - ...because I didn't particularly care for this either. Even with the low cut in the front it seemed kind of Golden Girls. Maybe Miranda Kerr can pull it off considering she can pull off just about everything, but I was a little surprised this was picked for the win when it wasn't Miranda's favorite.

I REALLY hope the challenge next week doesn't have absurd time constraints, though I do love when the designers kind of dis the producers for setting them. I feel like I'm not seeing the designers' best work when they have so little time; these girls and guys have been on the show before, I know they can finish something within a small amount of time, so testing them like that seems superfluous. Give them time so they can do something really impressive!

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