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Re: Project Runway - All Stars

I kind of hated the Miss Piggy episode. I mean, I like the Muppets, but the whole thing felt gimmicky and forced. I couldn't take it seriously! The only redeeming factor was that they didn't make the designers make outfits scaled to muppet size.

I liked Michael C's dress, but I think it would look funny on the actual muppet.

I hated the top of Kenley's dress. I know doing a standard cut would have been a little safe, but with that print a standard cut wold have been fine. Just do a sweetheart neckline and let the print speak for itself. (Not that I liked the print, but still). The head piece was cool, though.

Austin. Yikes.

I figured Gordana would be an early cut, seeing as she got almost no screen time the first two episode and suddenly hate multiple confessionals. Hers was boring, but it wasn't as yikes-worthy as Austin's. I prefer Austin, but his dress was eeeeeeek.

Mila should have thrown in some pink stripes or something. I like her aesthetic and I understand not feeling comfortable doing something flamboyant, but how hard would it have been to make one or two of the stripes in color?

I actuallu liked Anthony's the best this week. I thought it should have been top 3.

Rami's fit the challenge, but gods was it frilly! I hate frills. And pink. And polka dots. I felt about Rami's this week the same way I felt about Kenley's pink polka dot dress from last week, basically.

I don't remember Mondo's, Jerrell's, or Kara's. I remember April's, but it was a little boring and I think she's lucky she didn't land in the bottom 3 for the same reason Mila did (no color).

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