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Bewitched & Harry Potter

So, my wife and I had the TV on and the Will Ferel show Bewitched was on. I remember watching the old reruns of the TV show from the 60's. I am not old enough to have seen them the first time, but I remember watching the old black-and-white reruns along with reruns of I Dream of Genie...

Anyway, I got to thinking, there are a lot of connections between Bewitched (the original one...) and the Harry Potter universe. I'm gonna share some of the connections I see between them, and open it up for others to bring up other connections they see... and discuss the possibility that they might exist together!

I see the marriage between Samantha, a witch, and Darrin as her being a pureblood (or close) and a muggle. The show calls them mortals, though, and not muggles... They have two children, Tabitha and Adam, and both are magical. We never get to see them grow to age eleven, but they can both do magic, like Harry does as he is growing up.

Samantha's mother, Esmeralda, can't stand the "mortals" including Darrin and often uses her magic to make a fool of him. This is a bit like someone who does not wand half-blood grandchildren... Samantha wiggles her nose and does not use a wand, but the things that are done are just like spells from the Potterverse.

There is even a character in the show called High Priestess Hephzibah, and based on the dating of the show, it could be the Hufflepuff descendant that Tom Riddle wooes and later kills. This suggests that Samantha Stephens could be an American version of a Hufflepuff, being very loyal to the man she marries, regardless of whether he's magical or not...

So, could Bewitched be a documentation of an American wizarding family linked to the HP universe? Minus the use of wands in lieu of wiggling noses, I see lots of connections! What about you!?

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