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Hetalia Axis Powers

Oh my god;p Hetalia is truly one of my favorite animes at the moment (second to Katekyo Hitman Reborn ;p ). If you have never heard of it, where have you been? This anime is about the funniest you will ever see, and it also has a lot of history! So the next time your parents walk into your room and your watching Hetalia, just say that your literally learning;p

Ok, first things first:
Hetalia mostly is during WWI and WWII, and is based on all the countries involved at that time. You have Japan, Germany, Russia, Italia, America (lolz, he's my fave) , England, Austria, etc, etc;p Each country is a character based on the country's stereotype, so if you are from any of the countries mentioned in the anime, please don't get offended.....It has nothing to really do with you....The Japanese who created this anime/manga are just showing the countries how they believe they are. But due to the fact that is mostly stereotype, it means that it becomes even funnier;p Each episode is about 5 minutes long and is really worth wacthing, so please give it a try if you haven't yet!!!

Second : Reason why I posted this thread.....For you to talk about your favorite country, scene, episode, song, whatever!!!! Just talk about what you love most about Hetalia!!!!

Hope you enjoy,


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