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Re: Signature Questions and Help

Originally Posted by Sarahx View Post
This isn't to do with signatures, more with icons and avatars. I can't for the life of me find out to get one?
I'm not sure what you mean by "icons", but avatars you can only get once you're admitted into Hogsmeade. You need over 300 quality posts in qualifying areas for that. I've seen people with 1,000 posts and still not admitted. All you can do is try. Good luck!!

The important thing, however, is having fun. So post, take part in discussions, stay civil, mind the Mods, and you should be OK. Most of all, don't think about Hogsmeade or avatar, just post, get to know other members, and have fun.

Nyjets4004: You can't have three pictures as a sig at the same time, but you can have the pictures alternate. There's a number of software you can use to make a .gif picture like mine, in both my avatar and my sig. Or you can have just one animated picture by having a Gif pic - like some of the smilies in here, they're all GIF and they move. Like or or See my answer to Montse below.

Originally Posted by Montse
Ummm I dunno if this is where I asked for help last time , ages ago. The thing is I want to make an avie that moves, I have tried but being the cow I am, I simply could not do it.
Do you have PhotoShop or Movies13? Those will allow you to have moving avis and siggies.

ETA - I realize that all the two last posts I responded to are months old. I hope Nyjets4004 and Montse have resolved their problems long since.

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