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Re: What annoyed you most about GOF v3

GOF the film is strange, because the book has one of the strongest narratives (which is basically Harry has to compete in the Triwizard tournament and discover who put his name in it) yet the film feels so directionless. The pace meanders and it never feels... comfortable in itself. I think that's down to the length of the book and Kloves... indecision.

- I didn't like Patrick Doyle's score
- I think Gambon, having been so great as Dumbledore in POA, made some missteps. Particularly the "did you put your name into the fire!?" scene
- Harry and Ron's bust up wasn't well done, not enough was put into it
- Emma's acting is at it's worst
- Newell is just so unexciting as a director, he can't inject any sort of life into a film
- I didn't like the way the film started at the Burrow, it felt rushed (but saying that all the films feel in a rush to get to Hogwarts)
- the ending. I like the Empire Strikes Back vibe, but it could have been better
- haircuts!
- no Ludo Bagman!
- not enough Sirius

I could go on because there's more =) Lot's more

I wouldn't feel so hacked off if these things weren't included in order to smooth the edges of the film, but the film isn't smooth. It feels rushed, incomplete and uneven.

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