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Re: What annoyed you most about GOF v3

Originally Posted by BigWings View Post
I was very disappointed with the 4th movie. Many of the things that annoyed me have already been mentioned above...

-Dumbledore's freak-out seen COMPLETELY AWFUL
-I really don't like the whole hair-growing thing with Harry, Ron and the Twins
-Why does the maze try to eat the contestants? The tournament is designed to test the Champions on their knowledge and talents... not on how fast they can run
-Viktor Krum is not meant to be a Macho-Man.
-Barty Crouch Jr and his ''tongue-thing''... also his appearance at the start.
-The World Cup Match.
-Ludo Bagman and Winky were not included in the film.
-Hermione was meant to be dressed in BLUE at the Yule Ball.
-I'm not really sure whether or not Beaxbatons and Durmstrang are single-gender schools(please correct me if I'm wrong)
-''I Love Magic''
-SPEW wasn't mentioned.
-Harry acting ''cocky'' after obtaining the egg''.

To name a few lol

Nope, Beauxbatons and Durmstrang were NOT single-gendered school in the books. however, thats nothing major and doesnt bother me.

The world cup thing really disappointed me because i really wanted to see just a bit more of it. Maybe not the whole thing, but a bit more. Along with the winky stuff in the top box and afterward in the forest.



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