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Re: Signature Questions and Help

Nyjets4004, three things:
First off, you have three images in your signature, but forum rules only let you have one, so you're going to need to figure out which one you want to keep. Secondly, your second and third pictures are too large and need to be removed.
Third, I've resized your image:
Resized Signature Pic:    


To put it into your signature, save it to your desktop and go here. Click on "Browse" and select the image from your desktop. Then go here, copy the image link, and edit your signature here.
As soon as I've noticed you've done so, I'll be deleting it so please don't link from there. ^_^

Montse, try asking other members in the Artists Unite forum for advice and help, or you could try using a search engine. I've only ever animated in PS3, but explaining would take this thread, which is for signature questions, off topic.

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