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Re: Half-Blood Prince Movie Reviews v.2

Originally Posted by HPFanNewbie View Post
Every time I watch it I am thoroughly irritated when Harry asks DD what horcruxes are and DD says they could be anything, the most common place or object. We know from the books DD does not believe Voldemort used just anything to make his horcruxes. On top of that he tells harry the ring belonged to Voldemort's mother, but the locket was hers. The ring belonged to his grandfather. I have no ideas on why they changed those things.
I agree with that. That line seems to indicate that anything can be a Horcrux.

Anyway, I can understand why they cut out all that information (it doesn't crontribute to the movie) but my problem with that is that they never establish a clear path to destroy Voldemort. In the book you know that you have to destroy a certain number of horcruxes (some of them are already identified), and then kill Voldemort. That gives a sense of "now, we are getting to the end".

However, in the movies, it is not clear how many Horcruxes are there, or what are they, so the path to destroy Voldemort is not so clear. And that, after 5 previous movies fighting Voldemort, is a problem.

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