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Re: Ultimate Film Collection Editions

Originally Posted by Sesquipedalian View Post
I still doubt that these extended editions will contain any "never-before-seen footage"; the back of the packaging only states that it includes "footage not shown in theatres", which could easily mean that Warner Bros inserted some of the deleted scenes from the two-disk edition into the finished film (note my use of the word "some": I am certain that there was more than thirteen minutes of deleted scenes on the second disk of the first Chamber of Secrets DVD).

Based upon the other special features listed before these "deleted scenes", it appears that these third disks are merely the second disks of the previous DVD releases; both have exactly the same features.
Right, which is why I am waiting till the series is complete and they release versions that actually do have "never before-seen footage"

Like the person above me noted, it was indeed only 7 and 13 minutes respectively. So these are merely the ABC Family versions available for purchase. Which is pretty cool, but not good enough. Not for me to rush out and buy em at least. I'm guessing there will be better.


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