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Re: Half-Blood Prince Movie Reviews v.2

I gave it a C.

First of all, the start, wow. That really got me excited with Harry at the MoM with the photographers. Anyone else feel that way?

I really enjoyed the movie, i thought the cinematography and CG really stood out from the other films, the movie looked so different to what it has done in the past, it suited the world of HP brilliantly. For example, the memories looked amazing. I dont really know how else to describe it so raw and edgy.

That said, fairly disapointed with what wasnt in the film, and i just cant understand why they left out bits like DD telling Harry about the 3 other suspected horcruxs, I mean come on it would be like 2 extra minutes, also more profling of riddle, for instance were you see Tom Riddle take offence to another Tom.

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