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Re: Hardest scene to watch

Originally Posted by Sheree View Post
Honestly? I thought the scene with the waitress was the hardest to watch because I thought it was just so pointless. Honestly, I remember thinking, "OMG. WHAT did they do this film? And do I even want to watch the rest to find out?"
However, I do think the rest of the film showed a marked improvement after that.
Of course, after having hit such a low point, going below would have somehow violated the fundamental laws of physics.

Really starting with the worst scene makes all the following blunders seem minor in comparison . There are two other scenes I disliked: the attack on the burrow and the shoelace.

This said, the rest of the movie was pretty good. And to come back to the topic, the hardest scene was Harry being pulled underwater by the inferi (or whatever creatures) in the lake. Dumbledore drinking the potion was hard too, but I kind of expected it.

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