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The Relationship Between Science and Religion

Science and religion have been intertwined throughout history. Many of the most famous scientists of all time have been deeply religious men and women, who viewed science as a way to explore the world that God created. More recently, scientific advances have often gone up against religious beliefs, with a common question becoming "Should this research be done, since it violates religious teachings". The controversies over stem cell research are one example of this phenomenon, but it is certainly not limited to this one hot-button issue.

Discussion questions:

1. Based off of your religious beliefs, do you think that some forms of scientific research should be restricted?

2. What impact has religion had on scientific advances? Has organized religion held up the progress of scientific advancement?

3. What do you think the relationship between religion and science should be?

More questions may be added as I think of them, and I think that there is room for discussion of more than just what I outlined in the discussion questions.

An interesting link to start us off:
Emmanuel College finds its angel in pharmaceutical firm
(Note end of article, where it talks about Merck not conducting certain forms of research at their facility)

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