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Re: Funniest lines in the films?

Oh my god, I've killed Harry Potter!
Neville, GOF movie

Follow the spiders... why couldn't it be follow the butterflies?
Ron, COS movie

Read? I didn't know you could read.
The delivery & expression was perfect!
Malfoy, COS movie

McGonagall: ...not act like a babbling, bumbling, band of babboons!
Fred/George: Try saying that five times fast.
Other twin: Babbling, bumbling, band of babboons...
GOF movie

McGonagall: Now, Weasley, put your hand on my waist.
Ron: Where!?
GOF movie... hilarious again!

Ron: Hermione... you're a girl!
Hermione: Oh, well-spotted.
GOF movie... I love this line! Sooo funny!

Ron: Spiders... spiders... they want me to tap dance! I don't want to tap dance!
Harry: You tell those spiders, Ron.
Ron: I'll tell... I'll tell them... (snores loudly)
POA movie

Mrs. Weasley: Your sons flew that enchanted car of yours to Surrey and back last night.
Mr. Weasley: Really? How'd it go?
(Mrs. Weasley hits Mr. Weasley's arm)
Mr. Weasley: I mean, that was very wrong indeed boys, very wrong.
COS movie

Hermione: Ron wanted me to tell you that Dean told Parvati that Seamus told Dean that Hagrid's looking for you.
Harry: Well, you can tell Ron... what?
(Not as funny as the rest of them, but still funny none the less.)
GOF movie

Dumbledore's got style.
OMG perfect line!

Hermione: Breaking the rules... it's kind of exciting, isn't it?
Ron: Who are you and what have you done with Hermione Granger?
OOTP movie

Sprout: Longbottom's been neglecting his earmuffs.
Seamus: No ma'am, he's just fainted.
Sprout: Oh, well. Just leave him there.
COS movie

Ron: Oh, that would be a cheerful visit. Hello Hagrid, have you set anything mad and hairy loose in the castle lately?
Hagrid (appears from behind): Mad and hairy? You wouldn't be talking about me, now, would ya?
SS movie

Just because you have the emotional range of a teaspoon doesn't mean we all have.
Hermione, OOTP movie

Now I'm going to bed before either of you come up with any more ideas to get us killed... or worse, expelled.
Expelled is worse? Lol, I guess it is for Hermione.
SS movie

Harry (to Ron): How could anyone possibly figure that out? It's completely mental!
Hermione: Boys...
GOF movie

Cedric: How are you?
Harry: Spectacular.
GOF movie

Stan: What choo fell over for?
Harry: I didn't do it on purpose.
Stan: Come on then... let's not wait for the grass to grow...
Absolutely love this part! It's sooo funny!
POA movie

Weasley twin (Fred/George): What do you expect, he fell over a hundred feet!
Other twin: Yeah, Ron, let's push you off the Astronomy tower, see what you look like.
POA movie

Oh yeah, and the whole Cedric thing someone was talking about...
Cedric: You know the Prefect's bathroom on the 5th floor?
Harry: Yea?
Cedric (leans akwardly close to Harry): It's not a bad place for a bath.
Lol OMG that sounds completely messed up!
GOF movie

Snape - the way he says that is so funny!

Is that really what my hair looks like from the back?
Hermione, POA movie

Ginny: I think you're in love, Ron.
Fred & George & Harry: Viktor, I love you, Viktor, I do... when we're apart my heart beats only for you...
GOF movie

I'm just going to stop now. But all these quotes are simply HILARIOUS!



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