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Re: HP Movie "Chapter-a-Day" DVD Discussion V2

Originally Posted by lindaluna View Post
I liked how Ron and Harry were making do with Seamus (in my mind the traitor to be) and Neville but not enjoying it as much.
I liked they changed the book name to Waterplants of the Highland Lochs. (although then you can't understand why they had to steal from Snape...did they make it seem he'd stolen from Snape..?)
That does bring up a good point about even Neville and Seamus' roles in the school community. With Harry now being an outsider, he teams up with another outsider with Neville (and with Luna in the next film of course). Ron being mad at Harry teams up with the rest of the accepted school body who is also mad at Harry.

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Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire Chapter 13: Transforming Mayfoy

How appropriate that we'd come to this chapter the week that Transformers opens. However enough about huge awesome robots being more than meets the eye, onto HP.

We start off with close ups the badges. I've always had a different idea as to how those badges are supposed to look, in fact I've always sort of imagined them to be like the badges they wore on their robes to signify their house, sort of the coat of arms shape. But I do love how they are just like those pins you get at carnivals or supporting a political figure. I like it because it shows how the wizarding world sort of adopts modern day items; especially items as modern as the badges. Only problem is that "Cedric Rules" really doesn't appear for all that long for you to see it well enough. However it is sort of echoed by that one small kid who's running by saying Cedric Rules in a sort of offhand way...I guess being late to whatever engagement he has supercedes him rubbing it in Potter's face.

This is one of the first hall crowd scenes of just walking down the halls of Hogwarts which is done pretty well but still has that sort of unfocused feeling of it all like the QWC chapter earlier. What I do like the most of this scene is the symbolism of Harry being alone and picked upon from all houses in Hogwarts. Even the modest Hufflepuffs are being quite nasty bullies; something usually reserved for the most foul of Slytherins which only emphasizes how many people dislike Potter being the 4th Champion.

The thing that really symbolizes his ostricization is Harry not wearing his robe/cloak whereas everyone else he meets in this scene is. I find this to be very interesting because suddenly it's like he has no house to support him at all, even his own Gryffindor house which is only emphasized by Ron still being angry at him. Of course Ron and Seamus at the time are wearing their robes. The great thing about this symbolism is how much it plays into how the Goblet of Fire was tricked into picking 4 champions. Mainly it had to be tricked to think there were 4 schools instead of 3 and Harry being the only one qualified from that 4th school. One could say that Harry lacking any school colour in that scene could be interpretted as such; that Harry might as well be an outsider from another school to everyone.

As we meet up with Cedric, everytime I see Pattinson it shows how great casting they had for him as Cedric. He really does have that great charm and humbleness without being entirely too flashy and he is basically Cedric. It's too bad that in general there weren't more scenes with him although as few scenes he's in, he sells who Cedric is and what he represents.

As for the whole Malfoy Ferret scene, the CG is good, Felton acts wonderfully in this yet again but I just wish that it would have been a bit more physical in abusing the ferret. Considering that in the film there was a Snape slapping people in the head with books, having the ferret hit the ground a few times would be somewhat allowable. Kind of a shame that instead they had him float into the air like some weird balloon.

Gleeson's acting was alright. I've voiced earlier how I felt about his charterization of Moody which was a bit too off kilter and not angry enough. This is coupled with the most disappointing showing of the DADA office yet. The class earlier was filled with certain objects of interest, but with the DADA office, there were far too many magnifying glasses of a seemingly non-useful nature. It might be a slight homage to mad scientists of the heyday with vials and bottles everywhere, but even they had variety of different colours of potions, formulas and other mad devices. This time the inside equally represents the gloomy outside; dull, metallic and grey. There should have been more things that should have scared Harry than intrigue him, but I guess all that intrigue and fear was used up in CoS's Borgin and Burke's scene.

Things of Note
  • Music used in the scene: Track 9: Harry Sees Dragons.
    Music Cue list greatly supplied by The Harry Potter Lexicon

  • The funny thing about Moody's comment about Malfoy's greasy hair is that he hasn't used grease or even featured the slick back look since CoS. In PoA he has the au-naturale part in the middle as he also does here.

  • There was a bit of added dialogue about how Moody describes the other contestants talents. The message was supposed to be reserved for Sirius during the fireplace chat to talk about the competition, but the interesting thing is that Moody talked about Diggory being able to transfigure a watch into a whistle. This isn't much to say but at the same time Moody did have this to say in the novel
    "Secrecy Sensor. Vibrates when it detects concealment and lies.. . no use here, of course, too much interference - students in every direction lying about why they haven't done their homework Been humming ever since I got here. I had to disable my Sneakoscope because it wouldn't stop whistling. It's extra-sensitive, picks up stuff about a mile around. Of course, it could be picking up more than kid stuff," he added in a growl.
    But that's just me reading in too much with the dialogue. Who knows? Kloves might have just added that in as an easter egg for the fans.

  • The couryard has changed a bit again. Although the tree was always there, the metal statue of the planet is new. I'll post up pictures later.

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