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Re: HP Movie "Chapter-a-Day" DVD Discussion V2

Originally Posted by Tabris93 View Post
I always liked the fight scene here, even though it is added. The owl-comment was spot on - and very hilarious.

What I really like about the movie is the subtle (and not so subtle ) humour. Dan Radcliffe is finally old enough to manage to pull it off - I laugh everytime he reacts to the mushy Hagrid/Olympe-scene.

I think the dragons are beautiful, and they are shown in a realistic way instead of that typical "show off"-style that they could have done.
Well about the humour one thing that I missed is the wonderful in joke they had between Hagrid and Harry. Mainly Hagrid combing his hair and how he told Harry he would like to try it sometime which is a pretty great reference to his always messy hair.

Another neat little thing is how disgusted Harry seems to be at the two half giants being cozy but he himself is trying to get with someone throughout the film.

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