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Re: HP Movie "Chapter-a-Day" DVD Discussion V2

Originally Posted by Tabris93 View Post
It should have been his real head in the fire.
Absolutely - how are embers supposed to eat a piece of toast? What is Umbridge's hand going to feel around for? A pattern in embers?

But real head = face money, while voice is less
partial appearance = no money owed.

I wonder if Newell hates Gary or if his agent was too tough on terms.

I did notice the castle was getting bigger. I thought I saw the owlery in movie 3. The towers are too high (far more than 7 stories) and windows to ... perchy ... for my liking - but I do like the look in general.

Originally Posted by KlausBaudelaire View Post
I agree with you, having Sirius's face as embers of fire, was a genial touch.
What does "genial" mean ? I really don't know how you are meaning it.

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