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Re: HP Movie "Chapter-a-Day" DVD Discussion V2

Originally Posted by Tabris93 View Post
I like the Owlery-scene. I think the Owlery is believable, and the actors are cute. I have a bit more trouble with the fire scene, though. I didn't like the way they did it. It should have been his real head in the fire. Apart from that, I liked the dialogue and the newspaper (she insisted on writing he was 12 instead of 14...)
I think it is somewhat believable as well, but the look it kind of makes me think that sometimes the wizards and witches (or even students) don't even care about their animals; especially ones they treat as pets and employees of the post to stuff them in such a hard and drafty looking place. I guess I'm just too used to seeing animals being pampered even better that some humans too least in film only to find the owls being just left with what looks like an abandoned turret from a war lost long ago. But they're wild animals as well, they have warm feathers anyways so I guess it's all to me.

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