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Harry Potter Anime Series

I'm more for the idea of an animated series. But instead of following the guidelines for American television, let it be an anime and follow Japanese broadcast styles (there's no summer of reruns, new episodes air continually once a week throughout the year). A lot of the Harry Potter fanart I see is stylized as anime and I think this could really work. Each book would be it's own individual series (with it's own individual opening and ending sequences) and each chapter would be it's own episode. Since most anime series generally run in the range of 20-30 episodes a series (and 40-50 are not unheard of), each Harry Potter book would fit nicely into this style. If each chapter from books 1-6 combined were made into an individual episode, it would be up to 162 episodes at that point, and many anime series have gone far beyond that. Animation is also a great alternative because it wouldn't require as large of a budget, but a budget given to it of a live-action show would result in a much higher quality product.

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