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Re: Comments on: CoS Forums

Originally Posted by lanifiel
Its cool guad, its a valid question. To be honest it all came down to a cost benefit analysis. I couldnt be bothered dealing with the critique this morning. I had a busy day planned and the staff were pretty fed up with it as well. I also couldnt be bothered trying to do something to benefits the forum which was pretty much universally frowned upon so I removed it. Simple as that. I'm just gonna stop trying in the future. Its pointless
I'm pretty bad when it comes to determining if someone's statements online are literal or not, so I had to tell you I hope you didn't really mean it when you said that you're going to stop trying to do stuff that benefits the forum in the future. Despite whatever reactions there were about the guidelines you made it's because of the efforts of the staff that CoS is so much better than a lot of the free for all forums that are out there.


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