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Ok let me introduce to you all, this little phrase I like to use:
ďIN MY OPINIONĒ meet everyone in the forum!!!!
Seriously you people should start using it. Just because YOU donít like the way some of the actors act, doesnít mean they cant! Thatís your opinion. In my opinion most of the cast is superb, especially the trio.

Pet peeves? Well I feel like the first two movies were to childish, of course they would be, considering they were clearly directed towards children, I'm very happy PoA and GoF didnít follow that.
It also bothered me that they didnít explain the marauders story in PoA, but it clearly isnít necessary. I feel like the that people that made PoA, made it for the ppl that had read the books. They didnít just make the whole book all over again, they showed it to us from a different perspective and I think Alfonso did awesome work at that (thatís my opinion at least)

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