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Re: Reactions of Non-readers

I first went with my brother and cousin last Wednesday. My brother has seen all the movies and doesn't believe in books...where as my cousin is 8 years old and just came a long for the ride.

My brother thought this movie was by far funnier than any other in the serious, though I did have to explain practically the whole film for him after.

This past Friday I went with my friend, who has read all the books. His sister who has watched the films, and another friend who has seen the first 3 films and has only ever read 17 pages of Sorcerers Stone.

My friends sister was surprised by the whole Draco & the cabinet plot, and my other friend said the ending was stupid and felt that there was no action. Neither of them said they disliked it.

On the drive back home they REALLY wanted to know if Snape was really evil...of course we told them we had forgotten and the only way to find out is to read the book or wait another year to see the film!

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