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Re: Pottermore v.12

The main reason I joined Pottermore was to get extra information. I really would like more information on Riddle. Most of all I'm looking forward to more information on James and Lily. We have the least amount of information on them.

It took me seven attempts to get swelling solution right. Then I looked at the instructions for the polyjuice potion and was just like, "Wow! The swelling solution is nothing compared to this."

I'm looking forward to memories in the diary, the polyjuice potion transformation and seeign the Chamber and the basilisk in all their glory.

I see a lot of people want a quiz to determine their patronus and animagus. They also want quidditch. i'd like ot know my patronus too.

I'm still wondering what the lock next to gringotts and diagon alley is. I think its Hogsmeade. Some think its quidditch but I thought if it was quidditch it would have been unlocked already.

Looking forward to more Pottermore updates!

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