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Re: Pottermore v.12

So you have to make a swelling solution before you can collect Boomslang skin and what not from Snapes office?

Potions was my favorite way of earning house points. Until now. Who's smart idea was it that from one single mistake, you cant refresh and start where you left like before, but you have to start all over from the beginning, and wait an hour for it to sit and brew again? -.-

When do you guys think the House Cup will be announced? In the beginning, middle, or end of November? And when do you guys think the last CoS chapter would be released? Beginning, middle or end of October?

And what are some thing you are anticipating for in the next chapters? Like extra info, or possible new interactive games, and what not.

The art and graphics are really amazing. Like the Crash Landing scene. I hope they could do the graphics of the Polyjuice potion taking affect, I think that would have a lot of potential. Can't wait to see how they portray Tom Riddle (fav character) , if they do. And Headmaster Dippet, if they do. I'm also praying for extra info on Tom Riddle :P

Another thing, how exactly do cauldrons blow up? Because I've never had my cauldron blow up but I do mess up a lot..

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