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Re: Pottermore v.12

Originally Posted by katielouise View Post
Is anyone else having problems with the swelling solution? I have never had problems with potions before.
Now, I keep getting to the end bit, and when I start to heat the potion i get the pop-up saying it hadn't worked because I didn't keep the temperature in the correct range. The thing is, it happens when I've just turned the heat on, so it hasn't even had the chance to get into the right range! It's really frustrating me D:
Quite a few people are having this problem and it seems to occur on older systems. Report it to Pottermore, be specific about the pro.blem and give them your computer stats-type, OS, browser, versions, etc.

You may want to read through the end of v.11 of this thread for more info. If you can get someone to gift you a swelling solution it will open Snape's private stores and allow you to continue. I have several available, brewed for this purpose, but am limited to computer access today. To transfer a portion you will need to friend me on Pottermore (see my signature below). You'll need to owl me your Pottermore username so I know who to send it to.

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