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Re: Pottermore v.12

First post!!

I hope no one minds if I post my question again from the other thread because no one replied

Quick question!

You know the "like" buttons by each comment ... am I the only one for whom they don't work? I mean, I can "like" somebody's post alright and it registers, but for months now (maybe since beta I can't remember) nobody's posts have had any likes at all for them. Is it like this for everyone or is it just me?
Posts used to say
"blah blah blah"
3 people liked this

Now it just says
"blah blah blah"

Or am I the only one who bothers to "like" people's posts anymore ... surely that can't be right Why can't I see which posts have been "liked"??
A simple "I can't see which posts have been 'liked' either" or "Yes I am able to see posts that have been 'liked'" will do

I hope i've explained it correctly

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