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Pottermore v.12

Previous version: Pottermore v.11


What is on-topic:

Questions and information about, and analysis of, Pottermore itself

What is off-topic:
  • general squeeing about Pottermore and other posts which lack substance
  • whether you have registered for Pottermore yet or not (e.g. "Yay! I've just got my username and it's Snape'sUnderpants666!"). Go to the Pitchside if you want to post that sort of thing. You can put your username in your signature if you want (although there have been reports of people who'd posted their username online being hacked so you may wish to leave the final digits off as a precaution).
  • how you are feeling/what you are doing at the moment (e.g. "I'm so excited! But I don't know how I'm going to stay up all night. Maybe I'll drink coffee?" Go to the Pitchside if you want to post that sort of thing
  • questions or comments about CoS (e.g. "How is posting my username offtopic?", "Why has my post count gone down?") There is an Ask the Staff thread where you can post these things, or you can owl a mod.
What will get you banned (amongst other things):
  • posting illegal links
  • posting your e-mail address or 'phone number or asking other members for theirs
  • repeatedly ignoring the above


What is OK here:

Reasonable, fact-based speculation, where you try to piece together the possible ways Pottermore might work, on the basis of information about the site already in the public domain, and use hypothesis to try to fill in some of the gaps.

What is not OK here:

*Wild, unfounded speculation (e.g. if the HP actors joined Pottermore, what do you think their usernames would be?)
*General "It would be so cool if..'" wish lists
*Discussion that stops being about Pottermore and starts being about you (e.g. when a How Might the Pottermore Sorting System Work? discussion turns into a The Kind of Sorting System I Would Construct If It Were Up To Me discussion, it's off-topic)

Also, please respect the wishes of the Pottermore staff e.g. if you think you've worked out a way that members can rig their answers to the Pottermore sorting quiz to get the house they want, please don't share it here, as it's obvious that the Pottermore team don't want people to rig their quiz.

Please also respect the privacy of all of those connected to the HP franchise and do not spread unconfirmed rumours or speculation about who has a Pottermore account.

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