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Re: Pottermore v.10

Originally Posted by owlycherries View Post
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I'll have one more go in a minute, and i'll report back. However, something else has made me fume as well now. I had just finished waiting the 95 minutes for my herbicide, and when I did the second part I accidently added 3 of the mucus instead of two. I know, my fault this time, but it makes me mad that I get nothing for it. I just wasted 95 minutes for not even one point.
They should change it so that even though you get no points if you mess up on the first part of the potion, if you mess up the SECOND part you still get a point. If you get me.

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Just tried Sleeping Draught again, and no luck. Did it perfectly, but apparently I put the lavender in the wrong container this time.

Guess I can't get those 11 points then. =[
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If you make a mistake like adding too much mucus, just refresh the screen, and you can start it over without a penalty.

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