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Re: Pottermore v.10

Originally Posted by BrianTung View Post
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Interestingly, it depends on your machine. On my son's low-power netbook, the cauldron temperature can actually drop when using low heat. So while I use off and low heat to modulate the temperature, he has to use high and low heat to do the same.
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This. When I use the orange heat, it makes the temperature drop, so generally I use red heat and off to control it. Only very occasionally will the orange heat increase my temperature.
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Wow! This is really interesting... I use off and low heat as well because high heat is just too much. I only use that when I have to get the temp to the top range of the gauge and then I back off using off and low. Low heat always increases in temp for me, so I am always turning it off and on to keep the temp within range.


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