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Re: Pottermore v.10

Originally Posted by Silver_Arrow77 View Post
I'm sorry about that. I just want to know how many people are on Pottermore to be able to estimate when I will finally get my Welcome e-mail. I think it's really unfair that Pottermore is letting in so many people, not just me, so late. After all, I registered early on Day 4, so I think I should have gotten my e-mail by now if the system were fairer. Sending out e-mails completely on a first come first serve basis would have been so much better.
That's odd. I wonder if they're sending the emails out at a more random order, because I registered on day 4 as well and I got my email on Sunday. My boyfriend registered on day 5 and he has yet to get his. Ohh well, you'll get in soon enough! Honestly, I'm barely on it anymore because there's not much else you can do after you get through the first book besides potions, and I just don't have a lot of time to do those. Plus the site's always down for maintenance, so maybe you'll get lucky and everything will be working just fine when you finally get in. Hang in there!


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