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Re: The Tale of the Three Brothers

This story was by far my favorite. The concept of having an actual conversation with Death as a person just seems wildly cool to me.

Also, when they reference it in the book, and they make fun of Death wearing an invisibility cloak.. well.. that just makes me chuckle everytime I think about it.

Originally Posted by MC2456 View Post
Me too! But I don't think Beedle would have a tale like that in his book. His tales are more dark, mysterious and sinister, not at all what one would expect a tale like Grumbly the Grubby Goat to be in.
I agree. All of the Tales are quite dark. But it fits so perfectly with the tone of the Book in general. From OoTP onward, the series progressively gets darker and darker, what with Voldy's rise and all.

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