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Re: Severus Snape: Character Analysis Reboot v.4

Originally Posted by LyraLovegood View Post
I don't see how Snape's doe could have anything to do with Harry, especially as a reflection; Snape's Patronus predates Harry's very existance, let alone his stag Patronus. The only connection is that both find their origin in Lily (and James).
I would say that's the simple connection, and for me that's still quite symbolic. Lily is the pivotal point for both of them that makes it into a reflection - as symbolized by the what Harry sees in the Mirror of Erised and what Snape would probably see also - Lily. JMO

In PoA, Harry connects to James through the Stag Patronus, but Snape was connected to Lily long before Harry was born going back to Severus's own childhood. So it's true that Snape's Doe Patronus predates Harry, but it all starts to overlap in PoA as Harry finds that same type of power in himself.

A doe and stag are just two sides of the same species as a sort of "spirit guide." That's a pretty strong connection between Snape and Harry, it seems to me, not to mention that in PoA Harry has the dream about a white shape leading him through the dark forest which is realized in DH as Snape's Silver Doe in the Forest of Dean.

So to me that foreshadowing is a clue long before DH of the connection between Snape and Harry. We just couldn't see it at the time ~ of course it's a connection to Lily and James, too, who probably had those same Patronuses (although it's not as clearly spelled out in the book). But the whole thing nearly makes Snape rise to parental level or at least family level since there is no deer connection to any other characters except the Potters and Snape, or none that I can recall.

Originally Posted by Lyra
To me, the very use of the phrase "the boy" reduces Harry from a living, breathing, feeling, thinking, independant person to little more than an item or at best a pet that Severus wants kept safe for the sentimental attachment to Lily. Maybe that's just my colored opinion, though. I just can't hear it that way without thinking "a boy is a pig is a dog is a rat is a man."
But I think Snape knew (and felt) the difference between a boy and a pig, hence his shock at the very idea of Harry having to sacrifice himself. I think he was just using a metaphor to express his disgust with Dumbledore's announcement. JMO

Of course in these books through magic a man can turn into a rat, a stag, a dog, a werewolf, and Hagrid almost turned Dudley into a pig. In light of that, I think Snape must have viewed Harry first and foremost as a human being, so I have no problem with the word "boy," since that is literally what Harry was at the time anyway.


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